Food & Nutritional Sciences

The rapid advance and expansion of food-related industries and a growing professional and consumer awareness of the relationship between diet and health pose many new challenges and research opportunities. Research themes of Food & Nutritional Science in the School include functional food and molecular nutrition, food toxicology and sensory aspects of food. Below are some examples of our recent research:


The biological function of carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase (CCD) genes are elucidated, aiming to enhance the vitamin A content in crops. The figure shows the result of carotenoid degradation in maize seeds encoded by the Wc gene.   FNS-01







The giant grouper, green grouper, and mullet are employed in research projects on improving flavor quality of seafood.




Natural constituents in edible plants, fungi and algae that promote our health are investigated. The figure shows subcellular translocation of apoptogenic factor (AIF) induced by selenocystine (SeC) in MCF-7 cells.