Director's Message

The School of Life Sciences was established in 2010 under the Faculty of Science by merging the Departments of Biochemistry and Biology, which are among the oldest departments in CUHK. Our School offers six major programmes: Biochemistry, Biology, Cell & Molecular Biology, Environmental Science, Food & Nutritional Science, and Molecular Biotechnology, which have trained over 8400 alumni over the years. Our curriculum is designed to meet the diverse interests of life science students. The students will receive training in fundamental knowledge in life sciences in their junior years, before they specialize into one of the six programmes in their senior years.

In addition to quality teaching, we also strive for excellence in research.  For example, two research projects “Plant and Agricultural Biotechnology” and “Centre for Organelle Biogenesis and Function” led by our school have been selected by the University Grants Committee as one of the Areas-of-Excellence in Hong Kong. We believe that the best way to train future generation of scientists is to inspire the students and give them the opportunities to take part in cutedge research themselves. To this end, we have the SMART (young Scientist Mentorship And Research Training) and DREAM (Dedicated Research Exchange And Mentorship) programs to allow motivated students to engage in research in local and overseas laboratories.

If you are interested in the science of living organisms - from the structure and function of DNA and proteins to the interaction among living organisms in an ecosystem; from preparing a career in environmental protection, food technologists, or nutritionists to becoming a scientist in research and development of biotechnological products – you are welcome to join us.

K.B. Wong

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