Undergraduate Study Schemes (4-Year Curriculum)

Starting from 2012, intake entrants from the new 3-3-4 curricular system are required to study at the university for 4 years. Upon admission, the students who wish to opt Biochemistry, Biology, Cell & Molecular Biology, Environmental Science, Food & Nutritional Sciences, and Molecular Biotechnology as their majors first enroll in the Faculty of Science. The early phase which takes place in the first three terms of the undergraduate study emphasizes on the basic knowledge in general science, and it includes the recommended Faculty Package for the first year of study and 4 compulsory courses for the first term of the second year of study. The Faculty Package requires an introductory course on life science and also courses in chemistry and a choice of physics, mathematics or statistics. This secures a wide exposure to related disciplines. Indeed, this Faculty Package is mostly common among students in different majors under the Faculty of Science. The 4 compulsory courses focus on the fundamentals of biochemistry and biology, which well serve as the solid foundations for subsequent specialized major studies in life science.

The second phase of the undergraduate study helps to understand in more details of the 6 major programmes offered by the School of Life Sciences. In the second term of the second year, students can choose classes from 10 different courses offered by our programmes. To avoid possible overloading, students are recommended not to take more than 13 units of major courses. Nonetheless, this limitation can already accommodate the requirements of up to 3 majors to acquire their preliminary savors. Through this flexible course-selecting scheme, students can comprehend their specific interests in the diverse fields in life sciences and formulate their best fitting choice for the majors.

In the final phase, once the decision of the major is officially declared, students are enlisted in their selected major. The declaration of major can be made within the first two years of the undergraduate study. They finally follow the study requirement posed by the specific major until they graduate.

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   General Study Scheme for entrants from 3-3-4 curricular system

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